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What Can Be Recycled

Action Environmental makes every attempt to recycle as much as possible. Wherever possible we encourage separate bins for recycled material. This is not always possible due to space restraints. The following is a list of what types of bins we can offer and their recycling rates.

  • Clean Wood Bins – 100% recycled. Can only contain white wood. No treated woods
  • Metal Bins– 100% recycled
  • Cardboard Bin– 100% recycled.
  • Clean Concrete Bin – 100% recycled
  • Co-mingled Bin – 100 % recycled (clean wood, metal and cardboard only)
  • Clean Asphalt Shingle Bin – 100% recycled (Not always available. Market driven)
  • Mixed Construction Bin – Percentage recycled dependant on contents of bin and how it is assessed at recycling facility. Industry standard is around 75% for the Construction and Demolition industry.

We're able to recycle close to 100% of our customers' waste. We continually strive to find new ways to recycle our disposal waste.