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Welcome To Action Environmental

Action Environmental is a Metro Vancouver based business. We are locally owned and have been providing the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley with cost effective recycling and waste solutions since 2006. Our professional employees are friendly, respectful, and courteous. We are proud of our record in serving our communities and devoted to maintaining the highest standards of care for our environment throughout operations.



At Action Environmental we can provide a wide array of services to deal with your waste and recycling needs. Our customers range from homeowners to large corporations. Whether your needs are small, large, one-off or ongoing, we can help.


Our Disposal Bin Selection

With over 150 bins in our inventory, you can rest easy knowing we can deliver any size bin when you need it. Our trucks are always prepared and ready to drop off any size disposal bin.

We keep all our waste disposal bins clean and ready for delivery. We are constantly adding new disposal bins to our inventory so our customers are always kept serviced.

Our Environmental Commitment

At Action Environmental Services, we consider ourselves a recycler first. The days of sending everything to the dump are long passed. We are committed to reducing the impact on the environment wherever possible and are proud to support the licensed facilities in our region that focus on recycling. We will continue to work with all our customers and service providers to reduce our impact on our region. We believe in creating local solutions to help global problems.


What Get's Recycled?

  • Clean Wood Bins - 100% recycled
  • Metal Bins - 100% recycled
  • Clean Drywall Bins – 100% recycled
  • Cardboard Bin - 100% recycled.
  • Clean Concrete Bin – 100% recycled
  • Co-mingled Bin – 100 % recycled
  • Clean Asphalt Shingle Bin – 100% recycled
  • Mixed Construction BinPercentage recycled dependant on contents of bin and how it is assessed at recycling facility. Industry standard is around 75% for the Construction and Demolition industry.